Doctor Boris Dobroborski



About physical essence of the information


         Despite of significant successes of a modern science in natural sciences, questions concerning some problems of a ratio till now are considered unsufficiently clear material and spiritual.

         One of such questions is the question of physical essence of such concept, as the information.

         On the one hand, information is product, which can be made to buy, to sell etc., on the other hand, information as such there is no matter, weight etc., but does not exist without the material carrier, in quality êîòðîãî the various material subjects, substance and their condition, including crates of a brain can be used.

         The basic properties of the information are the opportunities of its(her) transfer, storage, duplication, destruction etc.

         However main property of the information is its reserve.

         The essence of reserve of the information consists that she(it) has any sense only in the event that there is a certain arrangement or items of information that the condition of the carrier of the information corresponds to any action, event or condition, (for example definitely broken âåòêà testifies that the certain man here has passed, the deformation of ground corresponds to traces of the wolf etc.).

         On the other hand, if on the carrier of the information there is some symbol which is not appropriate to any of known conditions, such symbol does not carry any information.

         Proceeding from these reasonings, concept "information" can be determined as follows:




        Thus, the information has the same material essence, as well as all another.






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