Eleonora Shifrin

Translator, author, educator, lecturer.

Born in Kiev, USSR. Learned at the State University of Tomsk (history and foreign languages department) and the Pedagogical Institute of Novosibirsk in 1971 (M.A. in teaching English and Russian-English translation).

Participated for several years in the underground circle disseminating anti-Soviet literature. Was persecuted by the KGB for this activity. In 1971 became active in the Jewish emigration circles. In 1972 applied for an exit permit to Israel, along with her parents and her only sister. In 1972, following a period of struggle, was allowed to emigrate alone, while the rest of the family was denied the exit permits. The following eight years of Shifrin's life were completely dedicated to the struggle for her family and other Jews who were held captive by the Soviet government.

Since 1973 participated in the struggle for Sen. Jackson's amendment and until the fall of the USSR in other activities aimed at obtaining freedom of emigration for Soviet Jewry and at the demise of the Soviet regime.

In 1974 married Avraham Shifrin, a former political prisoner of Soviet concentration camps, and together with him founded the Research Center for Soviet Prisons, Psychiatric Prisons and Forced-Labor Concentration Camps. For the following 24 years participated in the Center's various projects investigating Soviet penitentiary system. Translated into English all the publications of the Center. Lectured throughout the United States and Europe on various subjects connected with the USSR and Israel. Published articles in Russian-language magazines and newspapers.

Since 1989 has been active in the absorption of newcomers from the former USSR.

Joined Yamin Israel at its founding in 1995. In 1997 became de facto and in 1999, de jure chairwoman of the Yamin Israel party. Has been lecturing extensively for Russian, English and Hebrew speaking audiences throughout Israel.

Lives in Jerusalem's Ramot area, where she is a member of the local council.





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