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The academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology Both Safety of Ability to Live of the Man and Nature


Fromа " Principle steady disbalance of biological systems "а by E. Bauer

to " Principle steady dynamic disbalance of biological systems "


ааааааааа In the known work " Theoretical biology " [1] Ervin Bauer for the first time has formulated " The General law of biology ", consisting in the following:


ааааааааа лAll and only alive systems never are be in balance and execute at the expense of the free energy constant work against balance required by the laws of physics and chemistry under existing external conditions╗.


ааааааааа Besides E. Bauer "The Principle steady disbalance of alive systems ", formulated as follows was formulated :


лIs characteristic for alive systems that they at the expense of the free energy make work against expected balance╗.а


ааааааааа This principle as the main idea was fixed Ervin Bauer in a basis of the theory, developed by him of biology.

ааааааааа As follows from this work, in opinion E.Bauer the alive systems make continuous work directed against balance [1, page 135], and they make this work at the expense of the free energy [1, page 139].

ааааааааа For this reason for maintenance of viability of alive systems the opportunity not only steady, but also unstable balance is excluded.

ааааааааа If we have accepted existence of unstable balance, it would contradict fact sheet, from which this principle (principle steady disbalance) was removed .Еа The unstable balance would mean, that the changes in system can be caused only through easy infringements, i.e. changes in an environment, further, that each such insignificant change in an environment causes change in in a condition of structure of system and at last any slightest change of external environment conducts to a condition of steady balance, i.e., that the system loses the serviceability [1, page 185].ааааааааа

ааааааааа However E.Bauer in this work only theoretically assumes presence of the structures ensuring specified disbalance, not opening essence of functioning of mechanisms, which provide in alive systems it disbalance.

ааааааааа The purpose of the present work is the analysis and definition of essence of work of mechanisms determining a condition of biological systems, and also definition of the basic laws of their functioning.

ааааааааа For achievement of the specified purpose we carried out the analysis of results of numerous scientific researches and experiments of the various authors, including own, mechanisms, devoted to study, of maintenance of alive systems in condition steady disbalance [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10].

аааааааа As a result of the carried out works it was possible to establish, that, as against representations E.Bauer, consisting, that the alive systems continuously make work against expected balance, that is is constant and in one direction, actually all alive systems and their elements, from crates up to bodies, of systems of bodies and organisms as a whole continuously make variable work as periodic fluctuations both against expected balance, and in the party of expected balance concerning some appropriate constant meanings of the physical or chemical factors describing researched system.аааа

аааааааа Let's illustrate the made conclusions on examples of a crate, isа heart - vessel system of the man and organism of the man as a whole.

аааааааа The analysis of the scientific literature devoted physiology, biophysics and biochemistry of crates [2, 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14] shows, that the scientific knowledge of processes occurring in crates, to the present time carries sketchy and approximate character revealing only some narrow questions.

аааааааа However doubtless that fact is, that the ability to live of crates represents continuous periodic processes, in particular cycles of synthesis both splitting ATF and changes, appropriate to them, in structure and propertiesа of aа ions-water-fibers complex. These processes underlie functioning separate fibers,а of fibers complexes, structures of crates (including membranes), organelles andа cells as a whole [11].

ааааааа The work of heart - vessel of the man also has periodic character, that it is possible to see from a general view cardiogram, submitted on a fig. 1.


Fig. 1.а A common view of electrical cardiogram


аааааааа As it is visible from a fig. 1, the diagram of work of an heartа muscle represents periodic process of consecutive alternation of reductions and relaxations of its elements reflected on the diagram as the appropriate sequence of pulses. As a result of work of an heart muscle in a complex with all isа by heart - vessel system the necessary supply by blood all organism is provided by creation of necessary periodic pulse difference of pressure inа bloodТs vessels.

ааааааа The carried out researches of various functional shifts organism of the man: temperature of a body, arterial pressure, the reactions to light and sound etc. have identical character appropriate to the week diagram of changes of functional shifts organism of the man, submitted on a fig. 2 [5, 12].



Fig. 2. An example of typical fluctuations of functional shifts.

1 - daily fluctuations of functional shift; 2 - week fluctuationsа

functional shift; 3 - RMS meaning functional shifts



аааааааа As it is visible from a fig. 2, the changes of functional shifts organism of the man have periodic character with the period one day and one week.

аааааааа The daily fluctuations of functional shifts (curve 1) are defined(determined) by vital signs of the man: the growth of meanings of functional shift corresponds to process of work, and restoration - process of rest.а The week fluctuations of functional shifts (curve 2) are determined by the diagram of labour activity of the man. As it is visible from this diagram, at rest during day functional shifts caused by labour activity of the man, completely are not restored and their accumulation is observed which is restored only for days off.а The RMS meaning of functional shifts meets to a straight line 3.а

аааааааа It is possible to make of the carried out researches a conclusion, that a basis of all fluctuations - in a cell, bodies and organism as a whole, are the antagonistic cyclic sequences of biochemical reactions in crates working serially with this or that periodicity under action of feedback. Thus in one phase the biochemical reactions are directed against expected balance, for example at linkage ATF and caused to it by other appropriate reactions in a crate, and in other phase - to the party of expected balance, for example at splitting ATF and caused by it by other appropriate reactions in a cell. Thus the switching from one phase on another occurs at achievement by reactions, occurring in a cell, of the appropriate maximal and minimal meanings of physical and chemical parameters determining these meanings.

аааааааа In turn periodic processes in all bodies and systems, and also in alive organisms as a whole are a consequence of integrated cogerents biochemical periodic reactionsаа of recurrences of cycles of an exchange of substances occurring in cells.

аааааааа Basically these processes are similar to processes of digestion in organism of the people, when they test feeling of saturation at reception of food on the one hand and feeling of famine at a long break after reception of food on the other hand.а

аааааааа Thus, all alive organisms, their bodies and the systems, down to cells never are be in balance, that is always are in some condition steady dynamic disbalance, representing process of periodic recurrences of cycles of an exchange of substances concerning some average meaning of their condition.

аааааааа This process is a principle of existence of all biological systems as a means of maintenance of ability to live and development.

Proceeding from this principle it is possible to approve, that the processes of ability to live alive organisms can be described mathematicsа with the help of systems of numbers Fure.а

аааааааа Such principle of existence of biological systems is possible to characterize as " Principle steady dynamic disbalance of biological systems ".


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