For Release: 1:00 p.m. (EDT) April 2, 2001

Blast from the Past: Farthest Supernova Ever Seen Sheds Light on Dark Universe

Gazing to the far reaches of space and time, NASAs Hubble Space Telescope identified the farthest stellar explosion ever seen, a supernova that erupted 10 billion years ago. By examining the glow from this dying star, astronomers have amassed more evidence that a mysterious, repulsive force is at work in the cosmos, making galaxies rush ever faster away from each other.

For a live discussion of this discovery, tune into NASA's Space Science Update "Blast from the Past" at 1pm (EDT) on April 2. To see the show on your computer using RealPlayer, click on the "Space Science Update" link on the toolbar.

Credits: NASA, Adam Riess (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD)


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